De Carlini 3 Little Pigs and Wolf Christmas Ornaments

We are shipping the 3 little pigs set without the wolf at the moment. We will ship the Wolf ornament as soon as it comes back in stock!
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The Three Little Pigs has been retold many times from different sources and childhood memories. The most well-known version was published in 1890 in English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. The story tells the tale of 3 little pigs that are sent out into the world by their mother. The first pig builds his house of straw, the second pig builds his house of sticks and the third pig builds his house of brick. A hungry wolf comes through and blows down the first two houses. In one version, the wolf eats the first two pigs. When he gets to the third house, he is unable to blow it down. The third pig tricks the wolf several times and eventually the wolf tries to come down the chimney. The third pig sets a fire and traps the wolf in a pot and cooks him. In another version, the first two pigs escape to the third pig’s house after the wolf blows down their houses. The wolf is unable to blow down the brick house so he comes down the chimney, gets scolded by the fire and runs away to never return. The moral lesson of this story is that hard work and dedication pay off. The third pig took his time to construct his house with bricks while the other two pigs hurried so they had more free time to play.


The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini 3 Little Pigs and Wolf Christmas Ornaments. Each of the pigs have painted blue shorts with suspenders and are holding items. The wolf stands taller than the pigs and completes this charming set!

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