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English Enamels

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Alice in Wonderland English Enamel Frame

$199.00 $155.00

Crummles Floral Ring Box English Enamel, EachRing

$189.00 $145.00

Halcyon Days "The Best is Yet to Come" English Enamel

$199.00 $155.00

Halcyon Days "To Mother with Love" English Enamel

$188.00 $145.00

Halcyon Days A Star is Born English Enamel

$145.00 $115.00

Halcyon Days Alice and Friends Bank Box

$425.00 $399.00

Halcyon Days Children of the Millenium English Enamel , Each

$199.00 $188.00

Halcyon Days Christening Teddies Enamel

$199.00 $165.00

Halcyon Days I Love you with a Rose English Enamel

$155.00 $115.00

Halcyon Days La Vie En Rose Musical Enamel

$255.00 $225.00

Halcyon Days Our Father Prayer English Enamel, Each

$299.00 $275.00

Halcyon Days Wedding March English Enamel Box

$299.00 $255.00

Halcyon Daysn Noah's Ark English Enamel

$225.00 $185.00

Happy Anniversary Staffordshire English Enamel

$188.00 $145.00

Little Girl with Teddy English Enamel

$175.00 $135.00

Teddies with Kite English Enamels

$175.00 $135.00

Two Rabbits English Enamel

$188.00 $145.00