De Carlini Aladdin on Magic Carpet Ornament

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The Thousand and One Nights, or The Arabian Nights, is compiled of stories that were told verbally and developed over several centuries. Some adaptions varied with different places and periods. These tales are set within a frame story told by Scheherazade. The story goes that she was one of the sultan’s concubines. After taking pleasure with a woman, the sultan would kill her. Scheherazade devised a plan to tell a story with a cliffhanger so the sultan would keep her alive till the next day to hear the end of the story. She continues to leave the story open ended to keep her alive another day. Finally, the sultan abandons his plan.

In the 18th century, the popular tales of Aladdin and Ali Baba was added to the stories. Aladdin tells the tale of a lazy boy who meets a magician. The magician brings Aladdin to a cave and bids him to retrieve a lamp for him. Aladdin returns with the lamp but refuses to hand it over until he is safely out of the cave. The magician shuts him in the cave with the lamp. Aladdin discovers that by rubbing the lamp, he is able to summon a powerful genie. With the power of the genie, he is able to wish for wealth, jeweled palace and married a beautiful daughter of a sultan. The magician returns to recover the lamp but Aladdin defeats him and lives a long life of happiness and reigns for many years.

The De Carlini Aladdin on Magic Carpet Ornament is decorated in a gold turban with white feather and matching gold harem pants.

The De Carlini Jasmine Christmas Ornament is decorated in red Arabian harem clothing. This item is recently on back order but if you are interested, please place your order to be put on our priority list!

The De Carlini Genie Ornament is designed to bring the spirit of the Arabian folklore to every collection!

The De Carlini Magic Lamp Christmas Ornament is beautifully painted in gold with gold glitter.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves tells a tale about a poor woodcutter who secretly watched 40 thieves hide their booty in a cave. The cave can only be accessed by using the verbal command “open seasame”. Ali Baba used the magic phrase to steal the riches from the cave. He lives a prosperous life until the thieve suspect it was him who took their booty. The thieves hide themselves in large oil jars that are stored in Ali Baba’s courtyard. A slave girl hears a thief whisper from one of the jars and realized that they were not full of oil. She decides to poor hot oil into each jar and kills the thieves. Ali Baba rewards the girl by freeing her and she married Ali Baba’s son. They all live wealthy prosperous lives.  

The De Carlini Ali Baba Christmas Ornament is decorated in a satin turban, pink harem pants, brown khussa shoes, and blue vest. 

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