De Carlini Bear in Red Ornament

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The Cottage Shop offers a variety of De Carlini Band Ornaments. These sets would make a great gift for recipients of all ages! As a member, you will receive notification of new styles as they arrive. If you are not a member yet, join today and receive $10.00 off your first purchase!

Marching bands consist of a group of musicians who play instruments while marching. Typically, they perform in parades, sporting events, or competitions. The idea of marching bands evolved from military bands. Middle Eastern and European combatants were led into battle with drums and horns. Later during the Turkish Ottoman Empire, they were led by percussion instruments. During the Napoleonic eras, armies marched to war with regimental bands. In Euro-American culture, side drums were used to order the daily lives of soldiers such as marching orders, battle signals and marking routine activities. The side drum was first introduced in the 14th century in Switzerland and soon was found throughout Europe. When European settlers came to the New World, they brought military instruments with them. Militias formed in towns and villages and drummers were used to summon men from rural areas to take up arms. In poor visible conditions, musical instruments were the only way to convey commands to the troops. Like banners and flags, drums were an important symbol of military units. In the U.S., the eagle and drums are national symbols. Over the centuries, with the increase of instruments, military bands formed across the world. Today, there are curriculums to provide formal training for military bands.   

The De Carlini Bear in Blue OrnamentDe Carlini Bear in Red OrnamentDe Carlini Bear in Yellow with Flute Ornament, and the De Carlini Bear with Cymbals Ornament are decorated with straw hats and painted colorful overalls.

The De Carlini Mice Band Musicians Italian Glass Christmas Ornaments are painted with red band jackets and red hats with feathers. Each one holding a different instrument.

The De Carlini Band Musicians Christmas Ornaments Set of 3 are decorated in bright colored band jackets with belts, large band hats with feathers and each holding an instrument. Their painted mustaches are an added bonus to these items!  

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