De Carlini Elf with Wreath Christmas Ornaments

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Originating in Germanic folklore, elves have appeared to be small creatures that look like tiny humans. They have been known to be mischievous and volatile. In early folklore, it is said that they were responsible for causing diseases in humans and cattle, cause bad dreams by sitting on the chest of a sleeper and also stealing human children and substituting them for changelings. Changelings were known to be deformed or weak elf or fairy children. In Scotland, newborn children are watched closely until their christening is over because they fear that they will be stolen. In Norse mythology, there are two types of elves; the dark and the light. The dark elves dwelled within the earth and have dark complexions. Light elves live in Álfheimr and are beautiful. They are considered minor Gods of nature and fertility.

Elves have been written about in various novels, plays and movies. In 1595, William Shakespeare wrote A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is composed of elves, mistakes, wild fantasies and the grotesque.  In 1782, J.W. von Goethe published The Elf-King which was based on the Germanic legend about an elf who haunts the Black forest and luring children to destruction. In 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien published Lord of the Rings, which tells the story of a war between creatures of the fictional world including several types of elves.  

Elves were popularized in the modern Christmas tradition when Harper’s Weekly magazine published The Wonders of Santa Claus in 1857. Elves were described as working hard to make a million pretty things such as cakes, sugar plums and toys. Now, elves are often depicted in Santa’s workshop at the North Pole helping make toys and prepare for Christmas Eve.  

The De Carlini Fairy Tale Man Christmas Ornament is decorated wearing woodland garments, long blonde hair and hold a bow. This item is similar to the woodland realm elves described in Lord of the Rings.

The De Carlini Elf with Wreath Christmas Ornament is decorated in a green German style vest, red and white striped shirt with matching pants, and red elf shoes.

The De Carlini Elf Ornament is decorated in red vest with matching red hat and green under clothes.  

New to our 2019 collection, the De Carlini Santa Elf on Sled with Bag Ornament is decorated in a green vest, red pants, Santa hat and holding a sack full of wrapped gifts.

The De Carlini Elf Dworf in Green Globe Ornament is beautifully painted in green and red with gold accents. These colors will compliment any Christmas tree!

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