De Carlini Graduate Christmas Ornament

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Graduation ceremonies are a rite of passage from one stage in a person’s life to another. A diploma of one’s accomplishments is awarded to the graduate for the years of hard work and dedication. As students, they have inevitably formed a community in which they have shared challenges, experiences and goals. The bonds created in this time will be forever part of them.  After graduation, they will be part of an alumni association which they will continue to be a part of the growth of future students and graduates. In the U.S., there are over 5,000 colleges and universities that range from beauty schools to private Ivy League. Every graduate should feel proud and be celebrated.

The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini Graduate Christmas Ornament and the De Carlini Graduate Girl Italian Glass Ornament which are decorated in graduation cap and gowns and holding a diploma.

The De Carlini Graduate Mouse Christmas Ornament is decorated in a glitter cap with tassel and a black cape. The painted hair and facial expression make for an adorable gift!

The De Carlini Graduate Owl Christmas Ornament is decorated with gold glasses, painted red glitter vest with matching bowtie.

The De Carlini Graduation Bee Christmas Ornament is painted yellow with black glitter stripes and decorated with glasses, a black cap and hold a pen.

The De Carlini Professor Owl Italian Christmas Ornament is decorated in a red lined gown, matching cap and holds a pointing stick. 

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