De Carlini Merlin Christmas Ornament

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In the Middle Ages, a series of writers compiled stories and romances based on the legendary King Arthur. This legend focuses on the birth and life of King Arthur Pendragon and the adventures of the knights of the round table. These figures are also accompanied by Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlin. Merlin is a wise man and enchanter. He plays the role as advisor to Uther Pendragon and later, Arthur. In some stories, he is also known to be the prophet to the Holy Grail and in others, he is infatuated with the Lady of the Lake. The story of King Arthur and Merlin has been adapted in television shows, movies and cartoons.

The De Carlini Merlin Christmas Ornament is decorated with a long white beard, a robe with stars and moons, and holds a wand with a star on top. This item preserves the mystical qualities of Merlin and will be a great addition to your collection! 

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