Limoges Potato Chips Box

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Potato chips are the most popular snack foods in the world. The origins of these crispy and salty treats have been debated over the years. In 1822, physician William Kitchiner wrote The Cook’s Oracle which contained a recipe for potatoes fried in slices or shavings. The potato would be peeled and then fried in lard. Once cooled, they were sprinkled with salt. William Kitchiner wrote this book to teach people proper nutrition. Another story takes place in New England. In 1853, Chef George Crum was employed in New York when he served the standard thick cut French style fries to a guest who felt they were way too thick. Crum cut the batch thinner and fried them but the guest still did not like them. He went back to the kitchen and cut them so thin and fried them so that they were not able to be skewered by a fork. The guest was so pleased over these that they were requested by other guests. Saratoga chips became a regular item on the menu and soon were packaged and sold throughout the area.

The Limoges Potato Chips Box is designed like an inflated bag and includes porcelain chips. This item would make a great gift for anyone who has a love for these crispy treats!

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