Limoges Red Mixer Box with Milk, Egg and Flour

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Kitchen mixers have been a labor saving device since it was invented in 1908 by Herbert Johnson. He was an engineer and later the president of the Hobart Manufacturing Company in Troy, Ohio. Within 7 years after this invention, they became popular among professional bakers because they thoroughly mixed ingredients and provided a sanitary method to do so. In 1919, a subsidiary of Hobart Manufacturing began producing the H-5 which was the first of non-commercial stand mixers that utilized planetary action. In other words, the mixer rotated the beater in one direction while moving the mix around the bowl in the opposite direction. This product was the beginning of the KitchenAid series. As kitchens grew smaller, the product downsized and eventually became more affordable for many American households. Over the years, interchangeable attachments were introduced and today, this product remains a long standing quality appliance that is seen in many households.      

The Limoges Yellow Mixer Box is a crafted replica of this iconic appliance and would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys miniatures in their collection!


The Limoges Red Mixer Box will complement your collection and includes a small porcelain flour box, egg and milk bottle.

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