Limoges Versailles Palace Le Chateau Box

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Limoges Versailles Palace Limited Edition French handpainted porcelain box. Our exclusive Limited edition French handpainted Limoges porcelain Versailles Palace “  Le Chateau “ – castle in French-  features the Versailles Palace with  magnificent detail. This Limoges box has been molded by a Versailles sculptor under the guidance of French historical architects who made sure the real proportions of the life size Palace were kept in this outstanding French Limoges box. This is the first time ever the Versailles Palace is made into a Limoges box and once the 500 pieces Limited Edition is over the Limoges white porcelain  mold will be destroyed to avoid any copies.  We are pleased to invite you to admire the handmade brass entrance gate, the artistic  paintbrushes of our commissioned Limoges artist reflected in the buildings and the horloge- clock- as well as in the gardens symbolizing the "Orangerie". The inside of the box is hand painted with lovely roses. From  Limoges, France, from the Limoges Marquise de Pompadour Collection,. 4 1/2"Long, 3 1/4"Deep, 1"High. Limited Edition 500, each numbered next to the prestigious Limoges Marquise de Pompadour mark on the base of the Limoges box.  

Going through the historical steps, The Palace of Versailles started as a hunting lodge for King Louis XIII, got its important political time in 1682, during the reign of Louis XIV- The Sun King- who moved his court from Paris to Versailles. In those days, the Versailles Palace was the symbol of France itself and the center of Europe in terms  of elegance and court luxuries together with its political power. Louis XIV created an artistic renaissance,  a Greco- Roman Empire shown in the way he presented himself and his surroundings. Louis XV returned to Versailles as a very young King and continued the magnificent work of his predecessor. It was during his reign that The Marquise de Pompadour gave France a real sense of elegance and class in the arts and fashion. Versailles became the center of Europe, the place to be in those days.  After the French Revolution, the palace went through hard times and it is thanks to the help of  family donations, including the Rockefellers, that we can enjoy the Versailles Palace as  we see it today when we visit Paris. 

In the same way Versailles is a "must stop" during your visit to Paris, the Limoges Marquise de PompadourR Versailles Palace- Le Chateau- Limited Edition French porcelain box is a must in the Limoges box collection of the exquisite collector. Each piece is decorated with pink roses inside the box , is numbered and signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity in a lovely gift box. When you will have the Limoges Versailles Palace in your hands, you will revive your visit through the Hall of Mirrors and the wonderful rooms and Orangerie gardens of the Palace itself. We know Louis XIV and Louis XV would have been very happy with this creation of the Limoges Versailles Palace box !    

The Limoges Marquise de PompadourR Versailles Limited Edition Box represents the Epic of Versailles itself. It is the symbol of the greatest and most luxurious historical palace on earth, a Limoges box which by nature is  a manifestation of French art, very appropiate to honor one of the greatest art collections on earth today. With our  Limoges  French handpainted Versailles Palace- Chateau- porcelain box, you will bring home a piece of history and remember the magic of your last visit to Paris and Versailles.