Bulldog with Cigar German Beer Stein

Manufacturer: German Beer Steins
MSRP: $225.00
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Porcelain, handpainted figural decoration. The unique style & talents of the German figural stein industry are clearly evident in this Bulldog Stein. It is the first in a series of steins titled Man's Best Friend. Humor, originality, and uncompromising quality all contribute to this spectacular inaugural piece. The Bulldog's personality and attitude is revealed by his posture, appearance, and actions. The shirt he's wearing is decorated with parrots, palm trees, and a variety of flowers. He's smoking a Churchill-size cigar while guarding a stack of his master's full cigar boxes. A chain connects his spiked collar to a cigar-shaped post. The cigar is also the stein's handle, and a gold-leaf wrapper with a bulldog motif completes the design. A pewter lid is concealed under the dog's porcelain head. Cigar lovers, Bulldog lovers, Winston Churchill fans, U.S. Marines & Mack Truck drivers are but a few of the people who will cherish this stein. Limited edition of 5,000 pieces. Each stein is registered & individually numbered.


0.75Liter. 9  3/4"High.