De Carlini Fairy in Blue with Stars Ornament

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Fairies are mythical creatures that have been carried through the centuries in legends and cultures all over the world. These beings have appeared in folklore as dwarf creatures having green clothes and hair. They live underground or in stone heaps and are depicted as beautiful, ageless winged women. Fairies have been known to intervene in personal human affairs with well-intentions.

In Greek mythology, nymphs are similar to fairies. They are supernatural beings associated with minor divinities of fertility, growing plants or with water. Nymphs are not immortal but live long lives. These were inspired by the Roman lymphae which were ancient deities of fresh water.

In Arabic mythology, the jinni are supernatural lower level spirits. They are beings of flame or air and are said to dwell in inanimate objects. Similar to the fairy, they possess magic and are often sought out by people who want to exploit them.

In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Gandharvas are low-ranking male nature deities. They are closely related to the wilderness and music.

The fairies of the past were feared as dangerous, cruel and mischievous. People believed that they carried off children and replaced them with changlings. These tales are prevalent in England, Ireland and Scotland. Italian writers, Matteo Boiardo and Ludovico Ariosto wrote about enchantments of sorceresses and fairies. English poet, Edmund Spenser wrote The Faerie Queene which tells the tale of knights on their quests for the fairy queen, Gloriana.  French author, Charles Perrault is known to be the father of fairy tales and is responsible for creating popular works that are still revered today.

In modern times, fairies are depicted as sweet, helpful and in the service of others. The fairy in The Adventures of Pinocchio appeared at critical moments to teach and guide Pinocchio. The fairy in Cinderella watches over the girl like a godmother and grants her wishes. The fairy in Peter Pan is a companion to Peter and is also very jealous. The fairies in Sleeping Beauty are godmothers who present Aurora with gifts.

De Carlini Fairy in Blue with Stars Ornament is decorated in a blue dress with glitter and tulle cape. This item resembles The Snow Queen from the Danish fairy tale written by Christian Andersen.

The De Carlini Blue Fairy Christmas Ornament is decorated in a blue dress with wings, wand and crown.

The De Carlini Green and Pink Fairy Ornament is decorated in pink and green glitter, green tulle skirt and holds a wand. This adorable item makes the perfect gift for children or for anyone who loves fairies! 

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