De Carlini Harry on Broom Christmas Ornament

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The world of magic came to be when societies labeled practices that didn’t fall into the category of religion or science. In the 18th and 19th centuries, cultural and historical evolution views set magic apart from religion and science. Religion involves a direct relationship between humans and a spiritual force. Religious prayers beg spiritual forces whereas magic seeks to manipulate them. Science, like magic, has the ability to produce a desired material outcome. In Medieval Europe, church leaders Christianized native practices and demonized the beliefs of Celtic, Scandinavian and Germanic peoples. Their beliefs were labeled as pagan and magic was strongly identified as pagan. When the battle between religion and magic occurred, Magicians were believed to abuse Christian rites to carry out the devil’s work. Healing through herbs, prayer charms, astrology, alchemy and tea leaf readings were all forms of magic. Anyone accused of witchcraft or heresy would be interrogated until the source of their magic was uncovered and destroyed. In modern times, magic has been overcome by science. Scientific reasoning is used to expose tricks. Magic has become part of our entertainment and fantasy world. Witchcraft and wizardry have been featured in television shows, movies and books. J.K. Rowling published 7 novels in the Harry Potter series which focuses on a young wizard and his adventures at a wizardry school.    

The De Carlini Harry on Broom Christmas Ornament is decorated with a black robe lined with red glitter, painted red shirt, riding a broom and has a painted lightning bolt on the forehead.

The De Carlini Harry’s Magician Christmas Ornament is decorated in a gold and red tapestry robe, has a tall red wizards hat and holds a silver staff.

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