De Carlini Goldilocks and 3 Bears Christmas Ornaments

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The story of Goldilocks and the three bears has been rewritten many times over the years. Some believe it stemmed from an old English tale named Scrapefoot which told the story of three bears living in a castle and a fox who trespasses. In 1837, Robert Southey published Story of The Three Bears which told the tale of an old woman with silver hair who trespasses and eats the bears porridge, breaks the small chair and sleeps in the small bed until the three bears come home and the old lady escapes. This version was the most influential on later versions of this tale.

In 1849, Joseph Cundall published a new version of this story but changed the old woman to a young silver haired girl. Cundall felt that there were too many stories with old women as villains. In 1858, Aunt Mavor’s Nursery Tales named the young girl, silver-locks. The development of the name changed to silverhair, golden hair, goldenlocks and finally to Goldilocks in Old Nursery Stories and Rhymes published in 1904. Each of the versions portrays the bears differently. Sometimes the bears were unrelated then they were siblings and eventually a family. The changes occurred to make the overall story more family friendly.

This popular fairy tale has been used to teach children that they need to respect others’ privacy and property. For earlier generations, it was just a tale about an intruder who was selfish and couldn’t control herself from touching others’ possessions. The simplicity and repetition of this tale makes it an all-time favorite.   


The De Carlini Goldilocks and 3 Bears Christmas Ornaments is a favorite set for children or for those who want a piece of nostalgia for their Christmas tree! 

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