De Carlini Popeye the Sailor Set of 4 Ornaments

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On December 19, 1919, E.C. Segar launches the “Thimble Theatre” comic strip starring Olive Oyl and her boyfriend, Harold Hamgravy. Over the next years, additional characters are added. On January 17, 1929, Popeye is introduced to the cast. Olive Oyl mistakenly kisses Popeye on the cheek and that begins the love affair. On September 12, 1932, “Bluto the Terrible”, or Brutus, makes his appearance. On July 14, 1933, Popeye series debuted on television and ran until August 9, 1957.

On July 24, 1933, Swee’pea was left on Popeye’s doorstep and he decides to adopt him. Swee’pea can be a handful but is well cared for with the assistance of Olive Oyl.  The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini Sweet Pea Christmas Ornament is painted in a yellow oversized shirt with a white sailor hat and has a curiously surprised expression on his face.

Olive Oyl was first in a relationship with Harold Hamgravy. He was a womanizer which made Olive enraged. Olive was tall, thin and flirty by nature. When Popeye was introduced, Olive did not like him. They fought humorously and later realized they had feelings for each other. Olive would usually be Popeye’s girlfriend but would also get angry with him over small issues. The De Carlini Olivia Olyve Oil Christmas Ornament has a painted red shirt and a black skirt with black hair pulled back.

Bluto is a sailor and of large stature. He fell head over heels for Olive Oyl. He is a brute of a man and would constantly start fights with Popeye. Bluto kidnaps Olive on the regular and is always trying to win her affections. He is Popeyes biggest rival and is the comic’s biggest antagonist. The De Carlini Bluto Brutus Italian Glass Christmas Ornament has a painted white shirt, green pants and a red sailor hat.

Popeye is a seaman that was originally hired by Castor Oyl and Harold Hamgravy to crew a ship. His antics became so well-liked that the comic strip kept his character on. He is depicted with bulging arms, squinty eye and screwed-up face. The pipe in his mouth is used to eat spinach which makes him super strong. He is always ready for a fight and constantly mumbles under his breath. Popeye has captured the hearts of fans and has become ingrained in pop-culture around the world. The De Carlini Popeye Christmas Ornament is designed in a sailor outfit, anchor tattoos and a pipe hanging out of his mouth. 

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