De Carlini Green Giant Christmas Ornament

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The mythical creature, Ogre, has been used in tales for centuries. They are described as hideous giants that feed on humans. They gained popularity after Charles Perrault included one in his story about Puss in Boots where Puss tricks the ogre into transforming himself into a mouse and then eats him. Ogres have appeared in several books and movies including Little Tom Thumb and Shrek.

Literature has used the idea of ogres in a metaphoric sense. Tyrants or predators that devour, controls or exploits others and swallows them up in a sense. The witch in Hansel and Gretel had characteristics like an ogre because she intended to eat the children. Even the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood resembled an ogre with its’ ugliness and hunger for humans. An association of ogres with Nazis was made by French author, Michel Tournier, in his novel The Erl-King. In 1996, the film, The Ogre directed by Volker Schlondorff, was based on this novel.

Whether you associate ogres with brutes or reformed friends, they will continue to be appear in our imaginations for centuries to come.

The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini Green Giant Christmas Ornament is decorated in a white belted tunic with a brown vest that appears too small for this green loving giant.

The De Carlini Princess Fiona Italian Ornament is decorated in a lavender gown lined with embroidery and orange colored hair wrapped in an up-do accompanied with a gold tiara. This item has a feminine painted face and would be the perfect addition to your fairy tale collection!   

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