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De Carlini Indian Ladies Christmas Ornaments

New to our 2020 collection are the De Carlini Indian Couple Ornaments. The De Carlini Indian Woman Ornament is decorated in a traditional red and gold wedding sari with matching veil and the De Carlini Indian Man Ornament is decorated in a traditional wedding kurta that is gold with embroidery and a red headdress.

India is one of the world’s oldest and most diverse in regards to cultures. India has thousands of distinct and unique cultures of all religions and communities. India is the birth place to Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Depending on where a person lives in India, clothes are draped in different ways.

The sari is a traditional dress for Indian women and is comprised of a one piece of fabric that is 5 to 9 yards long and 2 to 4 feet wide. The fabric is wrapped in different ways depending on the occasion. The sari is said to originate in the Indus Valley in 2800 BC and is the national dress in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Usually, women wear a blouse with a long slip under the sari. For wedding ceremonies, the bride wears a red sari or lehenga according to the area. Red symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

Traditional dress for men in India is the Dhoti paired with a Kurta. Dhoti is a 6 feet garment worn in a particular style to look like pants. Head dresses such as Nehru cap or turban are also worn. As western culture influenced India, additional style clothing came into style. The Sherwani and Achkan are suits with longer jackets and flare from the waist used for formal occasions. The Bandhgala are tailored evening blazers with matching trousers which are also worn at formal occasions. Casual garments such as the lungi and angarkha are also worn. For wedding ceremonies, men commonly wear a well-tailored kurta with a pyjama.

India is a proud country that respects elders, values honesty, and helps out those in need. It’s diverse cultures and philosophy has impacted countries across the world and will continue for years to come.

The De Carlini Indian Lady in Red Dress Christmas Ornament is decorated in a sari lined with roses embroidery and a side swept braid.  

The De Carlini Indian Lady with Veil Christmas Ornament is decorated in a fitted wrapped sari with red embroidery and a sheer veil. 

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De Carlini Indian Couple Christmas Ornaments

$180.00 $145.00

De Carlini Indian Lady in Red Dress Christmas Ornament

$52.00 $46.00

De Carlini Indian Lady Christmas Ornament

$58.00 $48.00

De Carlini Indian Lady with Veil Christmas Ornament

$65.00 $46.00

De Carlini Indian Man Christmas Ornament

$85.00 $74.00

De Carlini Elegant Indian Lady Ornament

$85.00 $76.00