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Limoges Angel Boxes

Limoges French handpainted porcelain Angel Boxes have arrived at The Cottage Shop! Limoges Angels of Peace Boxes, Limoges Exclusive Limited Edition Angel Boxes for the exquisite collector!


The Cottage Shop offers a variety of Limoges Angel Boxes. Throughout history, Angels have been depicted in religion and mythology. These benevolent spiritual beings mediate between the realm of the sacred and the temporal.  In Christianity, angels are God’s servants. The Bible depicts angels as messengers, protectors and harbringers news. Many people today believe in guardian angels who provide guidance in their lives and may even intercede on their behalf.  

The Limoges Angel with Halo Box has blue, purple and pink flowers painted on a white base and has a crafted metal halo.

The Limoges Cherub in Pink Egg with Clouds Box is painted pink with white clouds and includes a small porcelain cherub inside.

The Limoges Guardian Angel Over Bridge Box has a painted scene with a little girl and boy crossing a wooden plank bridge and a guardian angel watching over them.

The Limoges Pink Dress Angel with a Dove Box is a beautiful piece and would make a great gift! This item has a flowy pink dress, blue base and holds a dove.

In Judaism, supernatural beings appear as angels with visions and prophesies in the Tanakh, and rabbinic literature. The Hebrew word for angel is mal’akh which means messenger. In the Torah, angels appear to Abraham. In Genesis, God and his angels appear to him in temporary human form. An angel also appears to Abraham and prevents him from slaughtering his son, Isaac. The Divine angel appeared to Moses in the burning bush. Moses is unable to extinguish the fire within him so he becomes empowered and returns to Egypt to take a stand. Angels are associated with visions and prophesies in biblical texts.

The Limoges Angel on Cloud Box has a gold painted flute, bright yellow and orange wings and sits atop of light blue base with gold stars.

The Limoges Statue of Angel Box is painted in royal blue with gold stars and has an angel sitting atop with small gold wings.

In Islam, celestial beings are created from light by God before the creation of humans. They have wings and are pure. Angels do not have free will. They are obedient and serve Allah always. In the Qur’an, Allah created the angels with wings so they can serve as messengers. The communicate messages to humans. Angels may appear in their heavenly form or in human form. They are seen as a vital part of Islam and believing in them is one of Islam’s 6 articles of faith. The Qur’an was revealed to the prophet Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel. Angels guard each person by the Command of Allah. According to the Qur’an, angels bring the wind and rain to Earth.   

The Limoges Peace Angel in Gold Box is elegant and great for any collection! The wings are painted white with a hint of blue and they complement the light blue base.  

In Norse mythology, there are land spirits, Valkyries and other helping spirits that assist Odin with his biding. In Greek mythology, the gods are much like angels. They are ethereal immortal beings that have appeared to mankind since the beginning of time. Angelos was a daughter of Zeus and Hera who became known as a chthonic deity. Angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos. In ancient Egypt, the neteru were divine forces that manifested itself in the creation cycle. In Indo-Iranian mythology, Mithra is the god of light which became an angelic mediator between heaven and earth. He was born beside a sacred stream under a sacred tree with a torch and knife. He killed the life-giving cosmic bull whose blood fertilized all vegetation.

The Limoges Cherub on Heart with Roses Box has a pink painted base with pink roses and green leaves.

The Limoges Holiday Angel with Open Wings Box has a gold painted base with green holly leaves and red berries. 


Limoges Angel Boxes, Limoges Cherubs Boxes. Limoges Cat Angel Playing Lyre Box. Our Limoges Angel Boxes includes different artistic Angel Boxes: .Limoges Angel with Book Box, Limoges Angel Painting on Easel Box, Limoges Angel with Hallo Box. You do not want to miss our unique Limoges Umbrella with Cherubs Box for your Limoges Angel Boxes Collection. If you are looking for a Limoges Valentine's Day Gift or a Limoges Romantic Gift Box, our Limoges Resting Cherub with Angel Clasp would be just perfect. You will also find brand new Limoges Limited Editions Angel Boxes: Limoges Angel with Dove Box, Limoges Angel in Dress with Roses Box. For the little ones, our Limoges Cherubs Collection: Limoges Cherub Praying box, Limoges Cherub with Harp Box and Limoges Cherub with Violin Box. If you prefer a Biblical, Historical or Religious Angel, please take a look at our Limoges Angel with Big Wings , called by the Limoges Artist:; Limoges Gabriel Angel Box. In the most whimsical department, you will see our Limoges Santa pig with Wings, our Limoges Angel Pig , a classic for the Limoges Pig Boxes Lovers. For the little ones, please take a look at our Limoges Guardian Angel Box with a Blue or Pink Crib.Our Limoges Guardian Angel Box makes a great Welcome Limoges Baby Gift Box as well as a Limoges Christening Baby Gift Box. If you want an elegant and simple Limoges Angel Box, you may like our Limoges "Joy to the World "Angel, our Limoges Gold Angel or our Limoges Angel in White Dress with a Roses Banner. A Limoges Angel for every occasion at great prices!

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Limoges Angel Cat with Lyre Box

$165.00 $155.00

Limoges Angel on Book Box

$159.00 $149.00

Limoges Angel on Cloud Box

$125.00 $115.00

Limoges Angel Pig with Wings Box

$165.00 $155.00

Limoges Angel with Big Wings Box

$154.00 $144.00

Limoges Angel with Cello Box

$89.00 $79.00

Limoges Angel with Dove Box

$185.00 $175.00

Limoges Angel with Harp Box

$89.00 $79.00

Limoges Angel with Halo Box

$145.00 $135.00

Limoges Angel with Mandolin Box

$149.00 $139.00

Limoges Cherub on Heart with Roses Box

$145.00 $135.00

Limoges Cherub with Accordion Box

$99.00 $89.00

Limoges Cherub Resting Box

$195.00 $185.00

Limoges Cherubs Umbrella Box, Each.

$159.00 $149.00

Limoges Guardian Angel Over Bridge Box

$120.00 $110.00

Limoges Night Sky Angel Box

$159.00 $149.00

Limoges Santa Pig with Wings Box

$159.00 $149.00

Limoges Statue of Angel Box

$125.00 $115.00

Limoges Two Angels Box

$145.00 $135.00

Limoges Garland of Roses Angel Box

$145.00 $135.00

Limoges Peace Angel in Gold Box

$135.00 $125.00

Limoges Joy to the World Angel Box

$138.00 $128.00

Limoges Angel Painting on Easel Box

$148.00 $138.00

Limoges Cherub on Heart Box

$135.00 $125.00