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Limoges Garden and Flower Boxes

The Cottage Shop offers a variety of Limoges Garden and Flower Boxes. Each are painted and designed to represent that beauty of nature. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific type of flower and need guidance.

Every emotion and sentiment are expressed in one form or another by flowers. They carry a language of their own and are used to bring joy to all. For thousands of years, western gardening has spread from its origins in Egypt to other parts of the world. Styles and climates of different areas have inspired both the art and arranging of plants used in some of the most well-known gardens in history. The famous lavender fields of Provence in France surround the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque which was founded in 1148 by Cistercian monks.  Built in the early 1600s, the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris is known for its 55-acre of lawns, flowerbeds, octagonal basin, tree-lined promenades and picturesque Medici Fountain. Located in Giverny, Claude Monet’s two-part garden is full of perspectives, symmetries, and colors. The famous Japanese bridge is covered with wisterias and the water garden reflects an inverted world that Monet dedicated himself to. One of the largest gardens in the world, the gardens of Versailles spread across 1,976 acres and are home to 210,000 flowers and 200,000 trees. The gardens are adorned with ornamental basins, statues and bronze groups. There are 55 historic fountains that have been designed and crafted by the best sculptures in history. There is even a Grand Canal which is 200-foot-wide 1-mile long.

The Limoges Gardener’s Bag with Tools Box has everything you need for the inspiring gardener! This item has miniature designed garden tools in extended pockets on the outside of this floral painted porcelain Limoges box. A delicately painted porcelain flower seed card is also included with this item!

The Limoges Lavender Fields Box will take you to the area of Provence with the beautiful rows of lavender fields surrounding the Abbaye.

The Limoges Couple in the Garden by Fountain Box has a variety of garden elements that include a stone wall, tall grass, rose push and a flower patch. This romantic piece will be the perfect anniversary gift!

The Limoges Giverny Gardens Painting Picture on Easel BoxLimoges Giverny Gardens Painting Box with Easel, and Limoges Money Painting on Waterlily Box show the different perspectives of Claude Monet’s gardens and would add renowned masterpieces to your collection!

Even though it is difficult to capture the vast beauty of the gardens of Versailles, The Cottage Shop offers our exclusive limited edition Limoges Versailles Palace Le Chateau Box. With the guidance of French historical architects, our Limoges sculpture has created this Limoges with exquisite details of the Versailles Palace with partial mapping of the surrounding gardens. This beautiful piece would be a satisfying edition to any collection!

The Calla Lily is a popular plant native to South Africa. It has a fragrant white spathe and arrow shaped leaves. It is grown commercially for cut flowers and also comes in a variety of colors. The Pink or red calla lily has pointed leaves but the yellow calla lily has more heart shaped leaves. Calla is said to derive from the Greek word for beauty. In Greek mythology, Zeus brought his mortal son Hercules to Hera to nurse while she was asleep. When she awoke, she pushed Hercules away from her and the drops of milk fell from the sky and created calla lilies. The Calla Lily has said to represent life, fertility and true devotion.

The Limoges Cala Lily Basket Box has soft pink painted cut calla lilies laid in a brown wicker painted basket.

The Limoges Cala Lily Wheelbarrow Box has these long stemmed flowers laying on a wheelbarrow painted in a light green with a flower garden painted on the sides.

The Daffodil is a trumpetlike flower that is classically yellow and is one of the first perennials to bloom after winter. This flower is native to northern Europe and has been produced in many varieties. The Romans believed that the daffodil carried medicinal properties so where ever the army set up camp, the priests planted bulbs so they would be readily available. Unfortunately, the daffodil is highly toxic and should not be used as medicine.  Over the years, this bulb naturalized all over Europe and everyone embraced them. They are the perfect gift because they are moveable and easy to plant. The daffodil is said to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.

The Limoges Daffodil Egg with Ladybug Box sits on a metal crafted pedestal and would make a great gift for the Spring season!

The Limoges Daffodils in Pot with Butterflies Box is painted with blue cobalt pigments with flowers and butterflies design.

The Amaryllis is a large beautiful flower that originated in South America’s tropical regions. The bulbs are the easiest to bring to bloom and are in demand worldwide. The Amaryllis comes in many varieties with various striking colors. In Greek mythology, the name amaryllis came from the love, the maiden Amaryllis, felt for the cold-hearted shepherd Alteo. Alteo was handsome and was passionate about flowers. Amaryllis went to the Oracle of Delphi for help. The Oracle told Amaryllis to stand in front of Alteo’s house for 30 nights and pierce her heart with a golden arrow. She did so and on the 30th night, a beautiful flower bloomed from her blood and she won Alteo’s love. Amaryllis are associated with strength, determination and success.    

The Limoges Amaryllis in Red Pot Box has a pink with red flower presented in a red painted pot with gold windowpane plaid designs wrapping around it. This item would make a great gift around the holidays!

The Sunflower is a tall species with a large yellow flower head and are known for their edible seeds. Sunflowers are very valuable because they are used for many reasons. The leaves are used for fodder, the flower provides a yellow dye and the seeds contain oil and are used for food. Sunflowers can also be used medically as an anti-inflammatory. The Native Americans throughout North America used sunflowers as their common crop. In the early 1500s, Spanish explorers gathered up large quantities of sunflower seed and shipped back to Europe. Sunflowers are also used for ornamental reasons due to their large bright yellow appearance. In Greek mythology, the water nymph Clytie, fell in love with the Sun God Apollo. Clytie was jealous when Apollo fell in love with Leucothoe so she told Leucothoe’s father of their relationship and he buried her alive. Apollo was so angry with Clytie that he turned her into a flower. As a flower, she still loved him and would spend her days watching him move the sun across the sky. This would explain why the Sunflower always faces towards the sun.

The Limoges Sunflower in Metal Flower Pot Box stands tall with detailed painted sunflowers erect from a silver painted planter with handles.

The Limoges Sunflower Box is painted with define pedals and textured brown painted seeds clustered in the center.

The Gladiolus, or the sword lily, are tall 3-foot flowering spikes. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors ranging from white, yellow, and pink to lavender, rose, and burgundy. In Rome, Gladiators wore gladiolus around their necks during battle for protection against death. Throughout history, this flower was used for medicinal purposes. During the 16th century, Europeans used the root to draw out splinters and thorns. The dried seed pods were also used to treat colic by grinding it up and mixing with milk. The Gladiolus has symbolized strength and integrity. It is also the flower for 40th wedding anniversaries and the August birth flower.

The Limoges Blue Gladiolo in Terracota Pot showcases the details of the blue gladiolus flowering spikes growing from a matted painted planter.

Pansies are large-flowered hybrid plants cultivated as garden flowers. In the early 1800s, Lord Gambier and his gardener, William Thompson, began crossing various viola species to create the popular tricolor pansy we recognize today. Pansies have antimicrobial properties and are also edible. They are high in vitamins A and C. Pansies have symbolized the love and admiration of one person for another. They were even used for secret courting over the years to communicate amorous thoughts.

The Limoges Pink Pansy Cupcake Box is tri colored painted showing variations of pink to burgundy tones.

The Limoges Butterfly with Pansies Box is painted with purple, orange and yellow pansies with soft green leaves.

The Limoges Pansies Round Box is traditional in style but also represents the growing patter of a pansy cluster.

The Limoges Pansies on Burgundy Box has a slightly risen base that gives this item a uniquely desired shape.  

Irises are tall showy flowers with distinctive 3 outer hanging petals and 3 inner upright petals. In Greek mythology, Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow. She would carry messages from Heaven to earth on the arc of the rainbow for Zeus and Hera. The Iris represents faith, wisdom, hope and courage. Giving an Iris as a gift conveys deep sentiments.

The Limoges Chamart Iris in Cachepot Box has painted details to show the distinct petal patterns of the iris.

The Limoges Iris Chest Box with Perfume Bottles has the painted hanging petals of the iris falling from several long green leaves.

Orchids are the most highly evolved flowering plants. There are nearly 1,000 genera and over 22,000 species of orchids found throughout the world. Even though orchids are primarily tropical, some species have been found in northern and southern zones. At least 4 species have been even found north of the Arctic Circle. They produce a lot of pollen which improves the chances of pollination. The orchid is known to be a symbol of beautiful perfection because of its symmetry of the flower to its stem and leaves. The ancient Greeks believed that they would be able to determine the gender of an unborn child by eating orchid tubers. Orchids represent love, beauty, luxury, strength and virility.

The Limoges Orchids in White Pot with Butterflies Box has painted dark green leaves at the base of long spikes supporting white-pink phalaenopsis orchids.

The Limoges Purple Orchid Box is painted with even the smallest details to show the rare beauty of the orchid.

Lily of the valley is a sweet scented, pendent, bell shaped white flowering plant that is also highly poisonous. They are native in the cool temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere is Europe and Asia. According to Christian lore, lily of the valley flowers sprouted from Eve’s tears after she was cast from the Garden of Eden. They are also known as Our Lady’s tears in reference to another legend concerning the Virgin Mary’s tears at the crucifixion of her son, Jesus. As her tears fell upon the earth at the foot of the cross, the flower miraculously bloomed. In German mythology, the lily of the valley is associated with the goddess of spring and dawn, Ostara. It represents purity, motherhood, chastity and humility.

The Limoges Lily of the Valley Teapot Cup BoxLimoges Lily of the Valley Vanity BoxLimoges Roses and Lily of the Valley Heart BoxLimoges Lily of the Valley Purse Box, and Limoges Purple Shoes Lily of the Valley Shoes on Oval Box are some of the different style Limoges boxes that we carry with delicate paintings of the Lily of the Valley flower.

Roses are among the most popular flowers in the world. They are fragrant and come in a variety of colors. They are the ultimate symbol of romance, love and passion. There are over 300 species and thousands of cultivars of roses. In history, the white rose was a symbol of York and the red rose was a symbol of Lancaster and their conflict became known as the War of the Roses. In Greek mythology, it is said that the rose was created when the tears of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, mixed with the blood of her lover Adonis. Another myth tells the story about how the first rose was created from the blood of Psyche when she lost her virginity to Cupid. Giving a single rose on a first date symbolizes love at first sight. Giving someone two roses represents mutual love.  

The Limoges Rose on Stem Box stands tall on a metal stem with crafted leaves. This single rose bud is painted deep pink with green leaves surrounding it.

The Limoges Basket of Roses Box has multicolored painted roses in a yellow rimmed wicker basket.

Tulips are spring blooming perennials that are large, showy and brightly colored. You can’t help but feel cheerful when seeing these beautiful flowers! Tulips were originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire and brought to Holland in the 16th century. In 1592, pioneering botanist Carolus Clusius wrote about tulips and is responsible for introducing the Netherlands to this exotic flower. This popularized the flower and transformed gardens throughout Europe. Tulips represent perfect love.

The Limoges Antique Style Gold Box with 3 Tulips is painted gold to allow the brightly colored tulips to stand out.

The Limoges Red Tulip Egg Box on Stand is beautifully crafted and has three tulips with tall leaves painted on the front and includes a loose porcelain ladybug.


The Limoges Yellow Tulips Bouquet Box has yellow and orange painted tulips in the center or tall green leaves.   

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Limoges 3D Pink Roses Round Box with Blue Decor

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Limoges Blue Flower Box

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Limoges Blue Gladiolo in Terracota Pot

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Limoges Hydrangeas in Pot Box

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Limoges Ladybugs and Blue Flowers Round Box

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Limoges Lily of the Valley Round Box

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Limoges Lily of the Valley in Pot with Ladybug Box

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Limoges Morning Glory on Oval Box

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Limoges Multicolor Gladiolo in Blue Pot Box

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Limoges Orchids in Pink Pot with Butterflies Box

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Limoges Pink Amaryllis in Brown Pot Box

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Limoges Pink Daisy Box

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